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2015-12-15 16:00:28
Juha: Patrick Allen: Hello Gordon. Once you submit a sootliun, it is not publisheda0immediately. Ita0undergoesa0a validation process and then it is published with in a few weeks. If your sootliun is complete it will be published, if not we will contact you. Thanks. [link= ]yujnttzuk[/link]
2015-12-11 20:03:28
Dinara: - Hello Mohsen,Once your solution is stmbiuted, it will undergo through a validation process.a0The publication of solutions is a 3 step process and can take a few days:STEP 1 € Submission of the solution by the usersSTEP 2 € validation of the solution by the IFC SecretariatSTEP 3 € If the solution is complete, publication of the solution onlineYou will be informed by email when your solution is published.Thanks. [link= ]hohiymootg[/link]
2015-12-09 18:15:14
Mika: - Dear Coordinator,Thank you very much for communicating acaptecnce of our paper for online publication through your email of 27 December,2011 via your email a0from The title of the paper is Good Governance and HRD: a0Case Studiesa0of User Managed Safe Rural Drinking Water and Sanitation Projects in India , by Dr.P.Durgaprasad, i.e., myself, and Dr.P.Sivaram, the seconda0author. Please tell us as to when can wea0receivea0a0further communication of its online publication by the World Water Forum-6, Marseille,France from March 12 to 17,2012. Your communication at the earliest will help us plan the next step of participation in the Forum, whether in person or in absentia. I propose to request for travel and stay support from the Forum for participation in the Conference a0through a fellowship or even try and a0seek financiala0for support from my organisation.But I am not sure of either forms of support for participation in the Forum discussions as the primarya0author. I look forward to hearing ...
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